Mehrwert X Concept Lab

It all starts in the creative forge of our mehrwert concept lab. This is where, based on your individual needs and with a strong awareness of digitality, the first ideas, impulses and product sketches are created that make life easier and much more pleasant for you and your customers……

….. We are now saving ourselves calendar sayings like “There is a magic inside every beginning” or the famous lucky cookie wisdom of the journey that begins with the first step. But hey, that’s roughly how it looks. If, on the other hand, the saying is true that whoever says “A” must also say “B”, we are definitely showing our A-Game here for the first time. But of course not for the last time, because we are brave enough to say “B”, “C”, “D” and “E” as well. If you listen to us. Don’t worry, we’re not going to start with the flimsy babble of the wide-ranging in-house know-how that makes our feasibility statements unbeatable.


We prefer to leave the showing off to others. We also deliberately leave unmentioned the undoubted influences from media art, media philosophy, architecture, programming, marketing and communication, or our innovative solution approaches, which are often characterized by the deliberate breaking of rules and habits. Modesty is an ornament. We are aware of this. Okay, we admit that there is also a little egoism behind our great commitment to your cause.

We think long-term and want to be there when our baby takes its first steps and conquers the world with charm and skill. Isn’t that a beautiful performance?  Does it sound too sentimental to you? Understandable. So let us first show what we can do and put both our creativity and intelligence to the test. It’s not called “Action speaks louder than words! Okay, that’s it with the platitudes for good. At least for now.