Mehrwert X Social Media Lab

THE MORE VALUE X SOCIAL MEDIA LAB If you think of Twitter as morning birdsong, know Clubhouse only from your golf club, and think Tic Toc is a peppermint dragée, then you’ve most likely spent the last few years playing hand-painted volleyball on a desert island.  Finally, wake up and be honest with yourself. Otherwise, in the latest edition of the Digital Native dictionary, you will very soon no longer be found under L for “lit”, but under C for “cringe”. And even your eighty-six-year-old aunt will block you on Facebook out of foreign shame. You urgently need help, because you can’t go on like this by any stretch of the imagination. Or do you want to be the poor lunatic who mumbles “Myspace, Myspace, Myspace…” to himself in the pedestrian zone? Mind you, without wearing Airpods in your ears as an alibi. We are the mehrwert x social media lab and save you at the last moment from digital exclusion and the fall into analog insignificance. Therefore, put yourself full of trust into the hands of our digireal scouts. Just reach for their warm paws and let them help you across any data highway unscathed. And yes, cookies are still one of their core competencies. Even if we’re not talking about the crispy pastries these selfless benefactors traditionally flog at front doors. But we’ll explain that, too, in more detail. Our scouts know the World Wide Web like the back of their hand. Its posh inhabitants, but also in it lurking dangers for your reputation, your brand and your business. For them, Instagram is a photo album and Snapchat is their tent camp. So schedule a walk in the woods or a cozy Zoom meeting with them. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, gripping online content or maintaining all your social media channels. Just grab a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. Meanwhile, we’ll spruce up your social media presence. Lit, right?