Mehrwert X Product Experience Lab

Admittedly, life is rarely as harmonious and clearly structured as a Disney film. But there is no reason to despair, because it even has its advantages. One example: Has a vindictive magic mirror ever ruined your day? ….

….. That does not have to be. Because we at the added-value product experience lab exchange submissive demons for virtual shopping experts who are really living in digital mirrors. Real sales professionals who advise your customers charmingly, never take a break and sell them your products with an irresistible smile. They give make-up tips in the branches of your drugstore chain or convince with competent style advice in your fashion store. Do you think now, we tell you fairy tales? No, this kind of magic really does exist and you too can be given it. From us. But that’s by no means all that the added-value Magic Kingdom has to offer. Watch this. Here comes the next fact.

Muscular blue ghosts fit indisputably into oil lamps. You surely know the documentary on this topic. If that works, why not pack a thousand square meters of retail space in a prime downtown location into a two-meter UHD monitor in your customer’s hotel room? To be honest, doesn’t that sound fabulous? Do without a cluttered mess of changing rooms, clothes rails and shelves and save costs in the process? And the best thing about it: You give your customers the priceless luxury of only shopping when they really have time and desire. Our digital touchpoints allow people and brands to interact intuitively and arouse emotions that have been proven to increase the buying impulse.

On top we even sprinkle another layer of golden fairy dust. In the future, you will be able to get to know the desires and wishes of your customers better than ever before. They will want your products even before they have actually gotten in touch with them. Mind reading has never been easier. Just give us a call and we will make you happy!