Mehrwert X Product Entertainment Lab

Circus Maximus and Netflix. Actually almost the same. Right down to the “x” in the name. Granted, there are more than two thousand years between them. And in former times you had to make a pilgrimage through half of Rome on sandals and afterwards you had unsightly blood spatter on your collar. But otherwise, hardly any difference.

Back then bread and games – today pizza and series marathon. And something else has not changed: Entertainment is still the best way to arouse emotions. That is why the gladiators of the mehrwert entertainment lab use this ancient knowledge of mankind and give it the swag of the 21st century. And all this just to make you and your customers as happy as the guy who, at the time, bet all his hard-earned denars and sesterces on the underdog Ben Hur at the great chariot race in the Coliseum.

But Homo Sapiens’ fascination with good entertainment naturally began much earlier. Long before he had even earned the surname Sapiens. This is probably why even today successful television formats are still compared to a campfire. But times have changed. In the past, guests were simply dragged by the hair into their home cave, but with the upright walk came manners.

The mehrwert entertainment lab is proud to organize state-of-the-art events that are as modern as they are sustainable, without clubs and bumps. From the high-quality invitation to your only daughter’s wedding, online registration and digital check-in for your business events, to digital guidance systems, interaction possibilities in the form of games or an innovative evaluation after the realization of your event. Carefully planned like a mammoth hunt and personalized like Ötzi’s favorite tattoo, we respond to every need, no matter how special, to make your event an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We have learned from the past. Now we are shaping the future. For you.