Mehrwert X Movie Lab

A new decade has begun. We have no more desire. No more desire for glossy packaging and matt contents. We are fed up with it. Sick of being fed with nutrient-poor commercials in warm sepia or cool neon…..

….. We miss something. We miss feelings, excitement, passion and real stories. We are the added value x movie lab. We bring light into the dark and movement into the industry. Like in the cinema, but without sticky popcorn. Whether entertaining branded content, exciting web series on Instagram, YouTube & Co., smart image films or emotional commercials. With us, content is finally king again. Because the X in our name stands for surprising and creative collaborations with masters of their trade and the most diverse cinematic genres.  Like the Avengers, we have the right superhero for every challenge.

Even for yours. Because you wouldn’t send the incredible Hulk on a diplomatic mission, would you? At this point, we’ll spare you piercing sweet talk and stilted stories about the workflow philosophy in our exclusive “media factory” and rather get to work immediately. We also prefer to invest our time and creativity in extraordinary ideas that will leave you and your customers speechless.

Our guarantee (like a washing machine, only water-saving and much more entertaining): From the first pitch to the final acceptance, you always have a fixed contact person in the added value x movielab, despite the important role of the mentioned collaboration partners. Without having to do without the vision and energy of a sworn in, powerful and unique creative network. It certainly looks familiar to you, but it is still good, isn’t it?