Mehrwert X Architecture Lab

Can you cuddle with concrete? Of course you can. In the added-value architecture lab, our congenial team of loving experts will even cover you with an ultra fluffy angora unicorn fur blanket of style and smart solutions to…..

….. And then we will finally put an end to the dreary, uniform individualism of the last decade. The golden twenties have arrived and now everyone finally gets what they deserve. Sounds like revenge, but in this case it means the opposite. As is well known, revenge is served cold. But we are the added value x architecture lab and the “X” stands for cosy warmth. A cosy fireplace. Floor heating. Human warmth.

We call it core competencies. Arrogant, isn’t it? But don’t worry: we compensate the supposed arrogance with our skills. Only if we are allowed to come in, of course. We also take off our shoes. To you. And your customers. With impressive exhibition stands or household electronics that are smarter than your son. And he has a scholarship for gifted children. Our guarantee (like a fan heater, only environmentally friendly and contemporary): from the first pitch to the final inspection, you have only one contact person in the mehrwert x architecture lab.

But without having to forego the vision and energy of a sworn, powerful and unique creative network. Whether it’s a customized multigenerational house, modular co-working space or luxury apartments that are flexible in size and shape. Our rooms adapt to the people and not vice versa. And that’s the way it should be after all, or do you disagree?